Rally for Ross at noon today on the City Hall steps


Join Sheriff Michael Hennessey; Mayor Art Agnos; Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder of the UFW & Medal of Freedom Recipient; Supervisors Sophie Maxwell, Harry Britt, Doris Ward, Willie Kennedy and Carol Ruth Silver; Public Defender Geoff Brown, and others in calling for the reinstatement of Sheriff Mirkarimi this Tuesday before the Board of Supervisors Vote.


Why does the mayor appoint supervisors?


The Alameda County Board of Supervisors just found a replacement for Nadia Lockyer, who resigned in April ("amidst a drug and sex scandal," the Chronicle notes, and you know how much journalists love to use that phrase). The four remaining members of the board deadlocked for a while, then settled on Union City Council member Richard Valle.Read more »

The two defining votes of 2012


The Board of Supervisors will be facing two votes in the next couple of months that will define this board, establish the extent of the mayor's political clout -- and potentially play a decisive role in the political futures of several board members.

Oh: They'll also have a lasting impact on the future of this city.Read more »

Does Malia Cohen want to dump Potrero Hill?


Since the dawn of district elections in the 1970s, Potrero Hill and Bayview have been part of the same district. Of the four supervisors elected to represent that district -- Bob Gonzalez and Doris Ward the first time around, Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen after the return of district elections -- three have come from Potrero Hill. All three also won substantial votes from Bayview Hunters Point.

But now Sup. Cohen apparently wants to kick Potrero Hill out of District 10.Read more »

A new district elections map


There's only about a month left before the Redistricting Task Force starts to finalize a new map for supervisorial districts in San Francisco. You can look at the draft map the task force is working on here. The Guardian held a forum on the topic Jan 26 and that's lead to an alternative community map, which is here. Read more »

A new name in District 5


There's a new name popping up in the cattle call that is the District Five supervisorial appointment. He's not terribly well known in city political circles (his chief claim to local fame is serving on the Library Commission), but he's got a powerful patron: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

His name is Michael Breyer. Yes, from that Breyer family.Read more »

Janet Reilly should stay in the race


Now that a judge has ruled that Michela Alioto-Pier can run again for her District Two seat, a wide-open race has become a little strange. Janet Reilly had already rounded up the endorsements of Democratic Party heavies like Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, along with Gavin Newsom. Of course, Newsom has always supported Alioto-Pier in the past; he no doubt backed Reilly because he figured (as did a lot of us) that City Attorney Dennis Herrera was right and Alioto-Pier was termed out. Read more »

Elsbernd blocks state budget resolution


The Democratic leadership in the state Assembly has a budget plan that challenges the entire approach Gov. Schwarzenegger is taking on the state budget. It's not perfect; it relies on borrowing (although it's borrowing against the revenues from a new oil severance tax). But it will, Speaker John Perez says, save more than 400,000 jobs. And it's way, way better than what the governor wants to do. Read more »

About Peskin's "coup"


It's interesting that the Examiner and Chron both seem to be pushing the same slate of 24 candidates for the Democratic County Central Committee -- and most of the folks on the list are not incumbents. Read more »

The "Newsom wins" merry-go-round: What fun


Gavin Newsom still hasn’t said for sure that he’s in the race for lt. governor, although just about everyone in town now thinks he's going for it.

But the very prospect of the mayor leaving office before his term is up has the political classes speculating: Who gets that job? And how does it happen?

It’s actually pretty interesting. Read more »